If you have made the decision to quit smoking, congratulations! You have already taken the hardest step. 

Let me guide you through the rest.

The ‘Quit Sm0oking in 60 Minutes’ program was developed by The Empowerment Partnership because… well, there is a huge demand.  
More than 46.6 million people in the US smoke, and 80% of them have said they would like to quit.

I want to help you become a non-smoker, and I can help you do it easily. The problem most people have while trying to quit smoking is that the popular treatments don’t work. Many conventional treatments have dangerous side-effects, and they don’t guarantee their results. This leaves people feeling that it’s “their fault,” or like they “didn’t try hard enough.”

With hypnosis, you can walk into my office as a smoker… and walk out as a non-smoker. If you’ve already made the decision, then you don’t even have to try. You’ll feel no “cravings” that you must overcome by “willpower.”  This means you can quit smoking, today, with:

•  No cravings
•  No weight gain
•  No nervousness

Hypnosis is simple. I guarantee that you will become a non-smoker, or I will reimburse your payment. Other popular ways of quitting smoking do not have that guarantee. Also, they don’t offer someone you can talk to, listen to your concerns, and support you through the quit smoking process.

Here is what to expect during your first and only session:

•  Feeling deeply relaxed and comfortable. I’ll practically hold your hand through every step of the process!
•  Advice on healthy diet and exercise
•  Walking out 60 minutes later as a non-smoker, permanently, for life.

Again, I want to make becoming a non-smoker an easy process for you. Because I'm all about simple. 

Please feel free to CONTACT ME for further details.


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